My 3 favorite black Youtubers

My 3 favorite black Youtubers

If you are like me, you don't watch TV anymore. I am part of those who consume content exclusively on the internet. I am a "netflix-irokotv-youtube" enthousiast. Back in the days, Youtube was THE place for nappy youtubers. 

But now, I am open to more diverse content. And I want to share with you my three favorite Youtubers. 

Mademoiselle Gloria the first French black youtuber to top  1 million subscribers.

Kevin L. A EWING. I am Christian and as such, I feel like he is one of the best teachers of the bible. 

Shameless Maya the "tech" girl. I Love editing pictures and videos for my own IG account, My linkedin profile and my youtube channel. Shameless maya shares tips and advice on the material you need.