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Meet the richest African women

Cecilia WilsonComment
Meet the richest African women

We often talk about the black billionnaires and the African-American billionaires but we forget to mention the African black female billionaires. Today, I want to give you a quick brief of their journey. My next blog post will be about the African Union and its financial independence. 

But first, let me introduce you to: 

1) Folorunso Alakija- Net Worth: $1.9 billion 


She is Nigerian and she made her billions from oil and fashion. She started her business in the 70s after she left her day job as a secretary to focus on her studies in fashion in England. Upon her return to Nigeria, she founded Supreme Stiches, that catered fashion for women of high society. She is also the founder of Famfa Oil, a company that owns substantial participating interest in OML 127, a lucrative oil block on the Agbami deep water oil field. 

2) Isabel Dos Santos- Net Worth: $3.3 billion

She is the daughter of the president of Angola. Her mother is from Russia. She is a successful investor and her investments include 25% stake in the Angolan mobile phone company Unitel and 25% stake in Angolan bank Banco Bic SA. She is married to Sindika Dokolo another African billionaire and art investor. 

3) Ngina Kenyatta - Net Worth: $1 billion

Popularly known as "Mama Ngina", she is the widow of Kenya's first president Jomo Kenyatta. Mama Ngina who now lives more of a reclusive life gained a lot of respect from the Kenyan citizens for her stand in defending and promoting the family's business interests which cuts across the farming, banking, education, insurance, hospitality, manufacturing and real estate sectors. She is a major shareholder of the Commercial Bank of Africa in Kenya. Media companies such as Media Max are also part of her portfolio. 



Mama Alakija

I forgot to mention that she is also the pastor of her own church and gives advice for marriage.


Mama Ngina Kenyatta

She is more than 84 years old.


Mrs Isabel Dos Santos

Did I mention that she is also part of the Richard Attias and Associates consulting board in NYC?

If you are a woman who has any business or investment project, feel free to comment below, talk about your daily inspiration and your goals.